Here is a page on how to use this site.

1. To register, see "How to make an account".
2. To send messages to another user, click on My profile, located on the blue bar at the top of the page. Then click List of Users. Click the tiny envelope next to the login of the person you want to send a message to. A blank message form will come up. Just fill that in, and press send.
3. To use instant messaging, go down to the bottom of the menu bar, and there will a box with messages in. Below that box, there is another, smaller rectangle which you can type in. Type your message, then press OK. It will appear on the instant messaging board.
4. To change your avatar, click My Profile, then Account Settings, then go down to Avatar. Click Change, and you can either choose one of your own, or look at the ones already uploaded.
5. To subscribe to a mailing list, go to My Profile, then Account Settings, then go down to Mailing Lists. There will be a list of the Mailing List we have, with a check box next to each one. Check the boxes of the ones you want to subscribe to. You will then get sent the mail to your registered email address every day.

We hope this helps!
(Got any more questions? Go to Your Questions located on the Menu Bar and send it to us! You will get your answer as quickly as we can.)