In order to use Sapphravine Studios, you will need to make an
account. In order to do this, just look on the blue bar located at the top of the page, 
and there will be a button saying "Register". It is completely FREE!!! Click on that, fill in the form,
and you will be registered! (If you have any more questions, first look at How to use Sapphravine Studios, and if your question is not answered there, ask it on the Your Questions page.) You may comment on anything you like,
and look at the catalog of films, and lots of other things! There is also a "Member Rating" where,
depending on how many things you have written, you will be labeled after
different roles in the army.

You start at "Soldier", and you are at the top when you have got to "Generalissimo".

So, make an account and get started!

(If, earlier on, when you have clicked a page it has said that guests cannot access this page,
this is because you are not a member. When you are a member you will be able to access them.)

Sapphravine Studios Team