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Dear readers,
I am very, very very very very sorry to say that our film will not be coming out fora while yet. Our company has encountered many business problems, and the result is that the film will not come out until LATE JANUARY!!!! Oh no! Help!!!!!!!
Co-admin Jessica Rose
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Hi i have moved house. But dont panic i will still do the film so frenshipcharm will be on tim for Christmastime i hop well so remember to get filming and have fun because you are a member of  the film of Sarrhravine Studios!!!
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Here is a report from our editor,
who is at the moment working from England.

Hello, readers.
I am in the south of England now, and I am working from here.
We are doing very well with our film, although I think a LATE Christmas
Present would be a better description for our advert. (Sorry, boss.)

Anyway, I will keep updated with you, and please, we need some members on this site!!! Tell
your friends!!! Please?

JR Editor of Sapphravine Studios

Note from administrator: I am sorry about the unfortunate comments my editor has added, I will have a severe talk with him. Please, don't take it seriously, I think he may be just tired. But I will have a talk with him.
Best Regards

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Dear Saphravine Studios users,
I expect you have been wondering why we have been so quiet lately! Well, the truth is that we have been EXTREMELY busy lately, working on Friendship Charm! I mean, imagine what would happen if it wasn't ready by Christmas! (Yes, I know, you can't.) It would be a DISASTER! So we have been working non stop for the last couple of weeks.

We have just about finished making the list of props, and we have started searching for places to get them form.
We SHOULD have it ready by Christmas... I hope.... (No, don't worry! We will!)

We will post some more as soon as we have some more news, which should be tomorrow!

Thank you for reading this,

Sapphravine Studios

P.S. We also have a new logo, which I have attached here.
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Dear Readers,
we are now progressing well on our present film, Friendship Charm, and 
it will be out Christmas this year! (2012)

So look out for it! Why not order it for a Christmas present?

Sapphravine Studios Team
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